Southern African Association of Hong Kong (SAAHK)

The Southern African Association of Hong Kong was founded in 1985 and was originally known as the Blue Crane Club. For more than 35 years it has continued to provide a social, cultural and business centre for Southern Africans residing in Hong Kong.


Members can enjoy a variety of member benefits and social gatherings are arranged often to give members a chance to meet new people and strengthen ties within the Southern African community. These include informal gatherings called Imbizos, non-routine gatherings such as Heritage Day and Nelson Mandela Day functions, as well as the annual Rugby Sevens Charity Dinner to welcome the South African Sevens Team to Hong Kong.

Vision and Mission

The SAAHK aims to bring together all citizens from Southern African countries who are based in Hong Kong in order to provide a social and cultural centre and promote a sense of community amongst members.

Aims of SAAHK

The SAAHK also aims to promote the image of Southern Africa in Hong Kong and encourages citizens, as well as friends and business associates of the countries of Southern Africa, to take part in the Association’s activities and build sustainable relations with other communities in Hong Kong.


The SAAHK supports fund-raising and charitable work for the benefit of recognized Asian and Southern African welfare organisations.

Meet the Committee

Olga Kruger (chairperson)

Corrie Kruger (secretary)

Bruce Fowler (treasurer)

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